• Do we need a particular software environment for eXplidata®?
    No. eXplidata® runs on all popular operating systems. Our tool is web based and you only need a webbrowser like Firefox, Safari or Opera.
  • For which studies can eXplidata be deployed?
    eXplidata® lends itself perfectly to all types of explorative studies undertaken in qualitative market research:
     - Face-to-Face Interviews
     - Concept tests
     - Focus groups
     - Car clinics
  • From what number of cases onwards does eXplidata become an interesting proposition for us?
    We calculate the prices eXplidata on the basis of so-called interview hours (INTh), i.e. the product of the length and number of interviews. From around 25 INTh, the costs are lower than those incurred by the traditional transcript/aggregation/analysis procedure. See here for further information.
  • Can eXplidata® be used for quantitative surveys?
    eXplidata ® is also suitable for the collection and analysis of quantitative surveys with scaled questions . You will receive the results of your surveys processed in graphical and tabular form, together with the parameters:
    - Mean value
    - Median
    - Standard deviation
    - Top-2
    - Bottom-2
  • Why do you work only with the MP3/WMA format?
    This audio formats constitute the best compromise between data size and sound quality. To allow us to offer a service of this swiftness at acceptable prices, our internal processes have in part been heavily automated and are therefore dependent on certain conventions. Should you use other formats, please bear in mind that subsequent conversion costs time and money.
  • By when at the latest do you require our topic guide?
    We prepare each project individually. The catalogue of questions has to be worked into the tool and our data operators need to familiarise themselves with the respective subject matter. For this reason we require the final topic guide 3-4 working days prior to the onset of field work at the latest.
  • Can changes be made to the topic guide at short notice?
    Yes. Changes to the thematic structure are possible during field work.
  • Do you provide assistance in uploading audio files?
    Allocation of audio files to our data operators takes place automatically and is script controlled. For this reason it is important to define certain conventions. You, or the field studio, naturally receive from us detailed instructions on how to proceed. We are always ready with assistance if required.
  • How can we familiarise ourselves with the functions of eXplidata?
    Prior to our first actual collaboration with you, we shall send you a link of our demo version of eXplidata and a comprehensive manual. This way you can find your away around our tool at your leisure and discover all its functions.
  • At what point can we expect the first data?
    Unsere Erfasserteams sind so organisiert, dass Interviews ca. 24 hs nach Beendigung in eXplidata® eingegeben sind. Hierbei spielt es für uns keine Rolle, ob Sie 3 oder 30 Interviews am Tag durchführen. Unser Mitarbeiterstab ist hinreichend groß und versetzt uns in die Lage, uns auf die jeweilige Fallzahl optimal einstellen zu können. Sie haben ab dem zweiten Feldtag Zugriff auf die bis dahin erfassten Interviews. Garantiert.
  • How can you be reached during the project phase?
    It goes without saying that we are available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. to lend you support. For foreign projects we naturally cater for any time shifts.
  • Can eXplidata also be deployed for focus groups?
    Of course. There is a choice of two options here: we can process audio files (this makes sense for homogenous groups; differentiated by gender only), or video files (makes sense for heterogeneous groups; each individual respondent is entered with their own resp. number)
  • What is the maximum number of cases you can manage?
    Generally speaking, the sky’s the limit. Our existing ‘record’ is the capture of 200 three-hour face-to-face interviews in 5 days. Since we have meanwhile trained over 100 data operators, complex studies involving high case numbers no longer pose a problem for us.
  • What happens if a server fails?
    All your data is automatically backed up on a separate mirror server gesichert. In case of failure of the main server you find your projects immediately on this security server.
  • How long can I access my data on the server?
    Your projects are always saved 3 years on our servers and are provided to you during this time. After this three years, your data will either be deleted and you receive them as an Excel file for local archiving or further processing.