With eXplidata® we make things easy for you:

You put us in the picture about your study and the specific research questions at stake
The eXplidata® -tool is individually configured to your specific project; the team of data operators is assembled and instructed accordingly:
  • Implementation of the topic guide
  • Briefing of data operators on the subject matter
You or the test studio upload(s) the interviews onto our server as MP3 files. Once an interview has been fully uploaded, it is automatically allocated to the next ‘available’ data operator, who then begins with data capture forthwith.
The captured content is subjected to quality control.
Any inconsistencies are sorted out.
At beginning of field work you get access to to your eXplidata®-Projekt with all previously recorded, categorized and coded statements for your analysis
Regardless of the number of cases we guarantee the complete acquisition and precoding of your interviews no later than 48hs by the end of the field work

We will gladly support you with advice and assistance throughout the entire process