1. Our Data-Operators

 2. Our Analysis-Tool

  We allocate the interviews to our data operators in the form of MP3 audio files (or video files in the case of focus groups). They then go on to capture the data using our tool.

When recruiting our staff we set great store by very good language skills and experience of market research. All data operators employed by us undergo a complex test procedure prior to their first assignment. This guarantees that they are up to the demanding task of coding the data correctly. In addition, they are of course fully briefed about each new project and remain under our technical supervision throughout.

eXplidata® is based on a relational database system in which each respondent statement is assigned to the corresponding topics and sub-topics at the data capture stage.

At the same time, all statements (where meaningful) are categorised according to the parameters approval/rejection and spontaneous/aided.

This means that all respondent statements are pre-sorted/coded and evaluated and can be substantiated and retrieved via a simple-to-use analysis menu equipped with multiple filters.

 3. Our Multilingualism

  We offer eXplidata® for studies in these language areas:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese (Mandarin)

As our Interviewauswerter have high language skills, it is no problem for us, to let the interviews translate into the target languages German or English simultaneously during data capture .

This has the great advantage in multinational studies that all statements of all countries are available for cross-country analysis in one analysis tool and one language.

  Our Analysis Filter

The following filter settings are possible and can be combined at will:

Topics and subtopics
All target group characteristics surveyed, such as gender, age group, income bracket, segment membership...
Defined and allocated typologies
Spontaneous or aided statements
Positive, neutral or negative opinions
All statements made by a particular interviewer
All statements made on a particular day of the study
All statements made by a single respondent
All statements made by a single focus group
All statements made by a single respondent of a focus group

  Intelligent and innovative

Besides these filter options eXplidata® offers a further array of very useful and effective features:

  The output for each selection filter takes the form of a clearly arranged, printable report, giving a direct indication of the respective tenor of opinion (slight, strong approval / slight, strong rejection, controversial tenor...).
You can tell at a glance whether or not ‘Concept XY’ has potential.

 Export to MS Word® und Excel®: With one click, you can export your filter results in these formats

 Context-sensitive search: simply browse through all statements for certain key words and get the system to show you all opinions connected to them

 Overview of opinion via QuickView: shows you the trend of opinion for all topics in your discussion guide at a glance. You get an excellent initial feel for the overall mix of opinion

 Tag Cloud: Our Cloud of Significance visualizes filter results in the style of a tag cloud

 Typology: assign type characteristics to the interviewees before going on to do a differentiated analysis of the various typologies

 Tenor of all Targets: Visualizes at dichotomous questions acceptance or rejection of all target groups at a glance

 Interview protocols: would you like to follow the course of discussion for an individual respondent? Simply retrieve the entire interview in question...

 Rankings. Of course, eXplidata® allows you to create rankings, such as scores on a scale of 1 to 10